Triglav Lakes valley

The valley of the Triglav Lakes is an alpine valley in between Bohinj and Trenta with lakes which was formed in basins with water-holding sediments along the mighty thrust of the Slate plate. It is about 8 km long. The valley is greatly beautified; practically all forms of karst weathering in the Alps can be found here. There are reddish Jurassic rocks in which fossils can be found.

Sometimes the valley is also called the Valley of the Seven Lakes, although there are a few more lakes and some of them are more like ponds. There are many discussions about the number of lakes and ponds in the valley of the Triglav Lakes, because some of them dry up several times and are therefore not counted as lakes. The number seven is mentioned most often. The valley of the Triglav Lakes is accessible from several sides.

From the Bohinj side, access is possible over the Blata mountain, past the Savica spring or across the Komna. It is a three to 3-4 hour walk from the Bohinj mountains or across Komna to Dvojna jezera, where Koča pri Triglavske jezeri (1,685 m) stands. The valley begins (or ends) a little lower, where Komarča rises steeply above the Savica waterfall, which represents the most challenging access to the Triglav Lakes valley. At the top of the steep serpentine path, the Lopučniška valley and the first (or last, depending on which side you look at) Triglav lake – Črno jezero (1294 m) begin. From the Trenta side, it is accessible by mulatjeri from the Zadnjica valley or from the village of Log in Trenta, past the Prehodavci pass or over the Trebiščina mountain.


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