Taborska wall


The Tabor wall rises east of the Žurgarska wall, above the town of Belica above Čabranka. There is a cave in Tabor wall, well in fact it is a hole, where a tragedy took place during the Second World War.

Tabor cave opens at the beginning of Tabor wall. You can reach it along the Kočevje mountain trail if you follow the markings and signposts. Just before we reach the edge of the Tabor wall, we pass a monument, which is actually a pile of stones stacked in a pyramid, on which two memorial plaques are placed.

The entrance to the cave is easily accessible via a path in a precipice wall protected by the wooden beams. The entrance is a large semi-circular opening that continues into a 20-meter-long hall. The ceiling is planted in several places from the fireplaces of the past, there is no siga in this part. There is a large wooden table and benches in the hall, and a memorial plaque on the wall. At the end of the Hall there is a low passage to a 15-meter-long and low, beautifully lit space.

The cave is known for an event from second World War. In April 1942, the command of the 2nd Company of the 3rd Battalion of the Šercer Brigade settled in the cave, and in July of the same year the command of the Kočevje Detachment. There was also a printing house. In the offensive on this area, the Italian army found out about the events in Tabor cave, as someone had betrayed them. So they made a plan to attack it, which happened on June 24, 1943. Seven-year-old Vinko and nine-year-old Jakec, children from the villages of Žurga and Belica at the foot of the wall, were grazing cattle in the valley. Before moving the enemy soldiers, they retreated towards the cave and stayed by the guard. In addition to the guard, the children who were with him also fell during the sudden attack, and six other fighters were killed in the cave.  Four people managed to escape because they climbed into the continuation of the cave and “walled up” the passage with stones. The Italians found that there were no more survivors in the entrance cave, so they withdrew. There were several partisan hospital and printing house locations in the area. This is indicated by some memorial plaques and monuments found along the roads.



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