Smithy Gorše

Blacksmithing was a common craft in the Slovenian countryside and was passed down from generation to generation. A master’s exam was mandatory to do the blacksmithing. Blacksmiths made various tools for work, tools for building houses (gutters, nails), horseshoes for horses and locks.

The smithies were located along streams, which were the main source of energy. In Bosljiva Loka there was a famous blacksmith Janez Gorše, who had a smithy by the Mirtoviški bridge. His grandfather was already a blacksmith and Gorše’s son Jože was also one. Gorše’s smithy is no longer working today. Jože’s son keeps and collects blacksmith products and tools and keeps them on the homestead. He wants to preserve the old smithy and set up a museum in it in memory of the blacksmithing tradition in the valley.

The tour lasts about 30 minutes.

Entrance fee 1.50 € / person

Published on: June 4, 2021  -  Filed under: Sightseeing EN - Osilnica