Triglav Lakes valley

The valley of the Triglav Lakes is an alpine valley in between Bohinj and Trenta with lakes which was formed in basins with water-holding sediments along the mighty thrust of the Slate plate. It is about 8 km long. The valley is greatly beautified; practically all forms of karst weathering in the Alps can be […]

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Bohinj Lake

Lake Bohinj is the largest natural lake in Slovenia made by glacier movement and is situated in the Julian Alps in the northwestern part of Slovenia. Main water source of lake Bohinj is river Savica which in the western part of the lake basin breaks trough moraines with boulders and flows from the lake, which, […]

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Zadnji Vogel Mountain

Zadnji Vogel Mountain rises at an altitude of 1413 meters above sea level. It is known for the fact that, during the summer months, local farmers drive their livestock to the top, which graze in the area of ​​Prve and Zadnje Vogel. During the summer months, due to the presence of livestock that gives fresh […]

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River Mostnica and Voje valley

One of the most visited and most admired natural sights in vicinity of Bohinj is river bed of Mostnica and Voje valley. If we decide to walk trough Voje valley we can admire crystal clean water and water formed rocks and boulders, carved by the river throughout millions of years. Our surroundings will be filled […]

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Savica Waterfall

Savica Waterfall is one of the most mesmerizing and unique waterfalls in Slovenia. At first it looks like any other waterfall, erupting from a precipitous rock face, but it hides something. Savica waterfall shows its unique form deep underground where the water current splits into two separate water canals and later erupts from two different […]

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