Shinrin yoku Kostel

Guided forest baths with yoga, pranayama and meditation

A real antiburnout experience with guaranteed relaxation. Homo sapiens comes from nature, not from the city, so an urban sapiens who wants to escape techno-stress must return to nature for health. Supposedly, plant phytoncides with a hermetic effect are responsible for the regeneration of our immune system. Forest nature with its colors, shapes, smells, tastes and sounds gently but thoroughly refreshes and regenerates all five human senses.

Shinrin yoku in Japanese means “forest bath” and is a natural regenerative technique that cannot be replaced by any pharmaceutical drug or vaccine. In 1982, the Japanese government introduced a guided national forest bath health program in the Akasawa Forest. Currently  there are 62 certified forest therapy centers in Japan.

The technique affects all 5 human senses, which nature awakens, softens and regenerates, so forest baths are an effective way to deal with stress and burnout.
Difficulty: the walk takes place on an undemanding path, which is 3.5 km long; a forest bath with yoga is also suitable for beginners, as the complexity of the yoga content is adapted to individuals.

Package description:

The forest bath is carried out along the beautiful, newly built church circular Path of Mikul’s Devil, which serves as a real forest yoga studio, as much as 3 and a half kilometers. On the walk, a real yoga class takes place outdoors – with asanas, pranayama and meditation – in the natural ambience of a fragrant forest and flowering meadows. A real antiburnout experience with guaranteed relaxation.

In the parking lot below Kostel Castle, you meet the leader, Natalie Lisac, who takes you to a 2-hour forest bath. The program includes yoga movement, breathing and relaxation techniques. Because shinrin yoku lowers blood pressure, you can also measure it before going to the bath and after returning. When booking an appointment, talk to the facilitator about your possible health specifics, which she will take into account when preparing a suitable and customized program.

A forest or park is enough for a forest bath, but because Kostel is a fairytale land of water, the clear river Kolpa and green, pristine forests, SY Kostel is guaranteed to be your five-star choice. The guided program Shinrin Yoku Kostel is a regenerative forest bath with yoga, pranayama and meditation. Without mobile phones, cameras and camcorders, you connect with nature and quietly cross the bridge to calm your mind and body. Welcome to the Kostel forest bath.

Price: 80 EUR / person

Contact and information:

SY Kostel, Natalie Lisac

040 77 18 77

Published on: June 4, 2021  -  Filed under: Sightseeing EN - Osilnica