Savica Waterfall

Savica Waterfall is one of the most mesmerizing and unique waterfalls in Slovenia. At first it looks like any other waterfall, erupting from a precipitous rock face, but it hides something. Savica waterfall shows its unique form deep underground where the water current splits into two separate water canals and later erupts from two different locations in a precipitous rock face Komarče and dives 78 meters (256 feet) deep into a emerald green lake beneath.
Savica waterfalls spring occurs 836 meters (2742.78 feet) above sea level and drops 78 meters (255 feet) deep. The water that sources the waterfall comes from Triglav Lakes valley from underneath mountain Pršivec. Towards the waterfall water continues its path horizontally in a underground river system. The rivers mother cave hides numerous underground lakes and siphons. The cave is accessible with qualified professional cave guides and suitable caving equipment.

Price list:

From 01.01.2023 to 30.06.2023

  • Adults: 3,00€
  • Children 7-14 years: 1,50€
  • Students: 2,50€
  • Seniors 65+: 2,50€

from 01.07.2023 do 31.08.2023

  • Adults: 4,00€
  • Children 7-14 years: 2,00€
  • Students: 2,50€
  • Seniors 65+: 2,50€

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