Risnjak National park


Risnjak National Park is one of the most beautiful National Parks in Croatia. It is located in Gorski Kotar and enchants visitors with magnificent karst phenomena intertwined with lush vegetation. The forest kingdom is home to three large European beasts: the lynx, the bear and the wolf. Here nature is its own master, life here is self-sufficient. That is why Risnjak is extremely valuable for researchers, as they can study life without human influences here.

Risnjak National Park was established in 1953 at the suggestion of researcher profesor Iva Horvata. The main part of the park is the massif of the Risnjak mountain, with a peak at 1,528 m. It is only 3 km away with a lush forest, above which rise two rocky peaks, Veliki Risnjak (1,528 m) and Snježnik (1,506 m). The Risnjak massif has two peaks that are very similar, just like their names – North Mali Risnjak (1,434 m) and South Mali Risnjak (1,248 m). The peaks offer beautiful views of Gorski Kotar, the Kvarner Bay and the Slovenian Alps.

People do not live in the higher parts of Risnjak. Some forests have never been cut down before, as inaccessibility has prevented logging and the exploitation of timber. Thus, the ancient primeval forests remained around the highest peaks and in the area of the White Walls, where the highest level of protection applies and this area is intended only for scientific research.

Risnjak National Park will surely enchant you, as 1148 different species and subspecies of vegetation grow here, growing in different micro-climatic and geological conditions. All plants in the park are protected, which means they must not be harvested, excavated, destroyed or damaged.

Risnjak is very accessible for visitors. All sights can be reached quite easily and without special preparations or equipment. Hikers, mountaineers, nature lovers will find their paradise here.

Visitors enjoy discovering the mountain world the most. The abundance and beauty of karst forms is revealed at every step of the way.  There are as many as 14 mountain trails in this area. None is marked as heavy, most are of medium difficulty, suitable for a normally active hiker. Hiking require suitable footwear and clothing, most of the trails are best to be visited from May to October. You can visit them yourself or choose a guide who will take you along the way.

In 1993, the first educational trail in Croatian national parks was opened in the Risnjak National Park. You can take the circular path at an altitude of 700 m alone or accompanied by a professional guide. It is mostly macadam, partly forested and partly paved. In about 2 hours you walk 4.2 km of the route and with the help of 23 information tables you get to know the natural and cultural wealth of the Risnjak National Park, the most important facilities and characteristics of Risnjak and the entire Gorski Kotar.

Mountain bikers can choose between shorter (5 km) or longer routes (up to 42 km) through the park.

Entrance fee is 6 €, for children up to 7 years the visit is free of charge. Accommodation, bicycle rental, permits for sport fishing are paid extra. All the catch goes back to the river.

Published on: June 4, 2021  -  Filed under: Sightseeing