Ložec wall

he Ložec wall above the valley of the river Kolpa near Osilnica is a beautiful piece of unspoiled nature, where we can experience many beautiful things. From the wall, which is about 1000 meters high, visitors have a beautiful view of the Kolpa valley and the surrounding hills. The easiest way is to get to the wall from the direction of Borovec, or along the new road from Osilnica, and we will descend to the wall via Firstov rep. You can also climb the wall from the Kolpa valley. The Ložec wall is beautiful in all seasons.

The path to Ložec wall is considered quite dangerous, so caution and appropriate equipment for hikers is mandatory!

Across the Kočevje forests above the precipice walls above the Kolpa river, from which only the croaking of ravens, which are sailing above the air depth echo. And when you really get there, on a rock bow, on a ship’s beak called Ložec wall, you really want to fly. Because there is no other option at all – except to go back to Firstov rep. This is a path that shows all the potential of forests, including the path that leads to the highest peak above the Kolpa river – Cerk in Borovška gora is 1192 meters high. The trail mostly follows the Borovška nature trail and the Kočevje mountain trail (KPP). Some parts are also unmarked.

The starting point is the hunting lodge Ravne in the Borovška valley, which can be reached through Kočevska Reka and Borovec. From the hut, go slightly down to the left to a meadow, where there is a large white marking on the tree with a stylized daffodil, which is a sign of the Borovo natural path. Continue straight into the forest, parallel to the edge of the meadow. We come across a kind of forest cart track, along which we soon reach the Kočevje mountain trail, which comes from the left. Follow it to the right over two streams – the first is dry, and the second slightly murmurs. We continue along the track and tractor trains uphill until we find ourselves at the end of a forest road on which there is a large turning point. We are already high on the plateau of Borovška gora. Follow the road for a hundred meters, where there is a marked turnoff to Cerk. Follow the markings along the cart track to the southeast, after about half an hour a narrow path between the rocks takes us to the left to the last slope below the top.

From Cerk there is a view of the lonely world of Kočevska Reka and Borovec, in the distance are the forests of Stojna above Kočevje and in the west Snežnik hooks among the bushy firs. The world is lonely and quiet. From the top we return to the road and follow it slightly down through a few bends and at the crossroads turn right. We are soon at the next crossroads, where there is a stone arch – a monument to the partisan hospital. We go left along the road (after fifty meters there is a right turn of the checkpoint) in a slight ascent all the way to its end (remains of a sand pit) and then left along the cart track almost horizontally – until the depth shines in front of us. We arrive at Firstov rep, below us is one of two parallel gorges, both called Sušica. Follow the path down the edge of the wall, where the enrollment box is a little lower. There is also an end of the markings.

Experienced hikers can continue mostly down a poor but steady path between scattered rocks and trees that are getting lower and lower. The edge of the wall is slowly approaching from the right and we are already walking along the narrow ridge. High, even overhanging walls fall on both sides, especially to the right. And when the abyss is still in front of us, we are on the bow of a mighty stone ship. We are at the extreme edge of the Ložec wall, at an altitude of 875 meters, six hundred meters above the valley. The place requires extreme caution; some rocks barely cling above the precipice (don’t walk completely to the edge!).

Now we have to climb almost two hundred meters back to the road and along it almost to the crossroads, where we previously “left” the turn. There, along the markings, we run steeply left into the slopes of Mož, the top of which we go around until everything settles down a bit and turns slightly right downhill. In front of us on the left, the edge of the wall lights up again, which is only a few steps away through the forest – and it’s worth the effort. The ravens’ crows warn us of the proximity of the walls along the way.

We step back onto the path and descend down a sharp turn to the left. Osilnica is now very close, on the right you can see the steep ribs. Below us, however, are extremely interesting rock shelves overgrown with trees, and everything else is vertical. Continue left along the cart track to the fork and follow the markings – pay attention to the slightly poorly marked shortcut.

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