Lake Resko


When the Reški stream sinkhole was dammed under the Kočevska reka in the 1970s, Lake Reško with approximately 20 hectares in size, was created. The stream river bed was about 3000 m long. Three mills and a sawmill stood next to it in the past. They were called the Upper, Middle, and Lower Mills. Today, piles of stones and a few walls by the water are barely reminiscent of the ruins of the buildings.

In recent years, the upper part of the lake is registered as a forest reserve, and the lower part is intended for boat fishing and other types of recreation. It is an invaluable habitat that provides a habitat for many fish species and many species of birds. The forest reserve also provides shelter for forest animals and beasts. There are also observatory huts along the lake, which offer a magnificent view of the beautiful surroundings of Lake Reško.

The Eagle Nature Trail runs around the lake. With information boards and didactic aids, it offers visitors an insight into many interesting facts from the life of the white-tailed eagle, which nests in the vicinity of the lake.


The Orlova nature trail has been located in Kočevska Reka by Reško Lake since 2017. Along this forest educational trail, 8 didactic aids and 10 information boards have been set up, three ornithological observatories with a view of the lake have been built, and access paths have been arranged. The learning trail and observatories are located in the area of the forest reserve, which is not used for nesting by white-tailed eagles, and directs visitors to visit a part of the reserve in which white-tailed deer do not pose a major disturbance. The trail fascinates visitors with its unique natural wealth, raises awareness of the complexity of ecological processes and the importance of protecting predators. The white-tailed eagle is the largest bird of prey in Slovenia and also one of the largest representatives of eagles in the world. It flies at speeds of up to 100 km / h, and its mighty wingspan is 2.5 meters.

The trail is marked with markings in the shape of an eagle’s head. It is suitable for solo tours and announced for groups. In addition to the Orlova nature trail, you can also visit one of the observatories in the wider surroundings of  Reško Lake to which marked accessible footpaths lead.

The white-tailed eagle has received a lot of attention in the Kočevje region since the 1980s, when its nest was discovered near the artificial Reško Lake near Kočevska Reka, which was the first confirmation of the nesting of this species on our soil. In the area of Reško Lake, a pair of white-tailed deer is constantly present, while in Slovenia they can also be found along the Drava and Mura rivers, in the Krakvski Forest and on Lake Cerknica. They often settle near lakes, which are their source of food. The white-tailed eagle is timid and very sensitive to disturbances, especially during nesting, so the trail is in a part of the reserve that eagles do not use for nesting.

Published on: June 4, 2021  -  Filed under: Sightseeing EN - Osilnica