Kostel Family Trail

The Kostel family trail is a shorter cycling trail that takes you around Kostel and is also suitable for small children. At the beginning, it runs along the road, but then turns into the forest, thus enabling a peaceful ride in the shelter of the canopy. The last part of the route passes through two larger villages, where children can observe domestic animals, and you can refresh yourself with local delicacies (goat cheese, honey…), visit a 100-year-old white willow tree with a trunk branched into four parts, or refresh yourself at a nearby restaurant.

Attractions along the way: 

TIC Kostel in Petrina, Church of the Assumption of Mary in Fara, Podliparska house in Fara, Štefančič Farm in Fara, white willow in the village, Gostilna Parlament in Petrina

Route: Petrina – Grivac – through the forest – Pirce – Potok – Fara – Vas – Petrina

Published on: June 4, 2021  -  Filed under: Sightseeing