Kostel Castle

Kostel Castle and its square are the second largest castle complex in Slovenia.
At the time of the Turkish invasions, due to its exposed location and difficult accessibility, it was an important obstacle and defensive point in the anti-Turkish defense system. The castle was embedded in a system of bonfires designed to inform of impending danger.

The castle has been restored in modern times, so it is visited by more domestic and foreign visitors every year. The mighty thick castle walls, kilometers of views from the top of the castle and its varied history will not leave you indifferent during your visit. In it, you can see the exhibition and experience the Middle Ages while you are accompanied by a guide. Various cultural, musical and culinary events also take place at the castle.

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+386 51 328 682


The escape game at Kostel Castle is not the usual escape game as you kno. In the game, you go back in time of kings and queens, the time of peasant revolt, knights and manors. Escape Game: The Secret Brotherhood is a test of ability, knowledge, cooperation and peaceful hands. It is an adventure based on the true historical facts of Kostel Castle, and in addition, the game is fun, exciting and suitable for all generations.

During the game, you transform into wizards, knights, troubadours, and learn stories in the prison dungeon, knight’s hall, library, and so on, where you have to decipher all the secret messages.

The game is suitable for groups of 2 to 5 players. The game can be played even in bad weather.

You are kindly invited in to the castle game of escape – Kostel Castle with its location and ambience provides a unique experience. 

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040 77 18 77

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