Kolpa bike path

The Kolpa cycling route is a long route on which you get to know all the beauties of the green valley of the river Kolpa. It is a circular path that leads you from Kočevje all the way to the Kolpa.

Get to know the green valley of the river Kolpa, its dams and mills, the old smithy, the mysterious karst spring Bilpa and the mighty medieval fortress – Kostel Castle. This landscape-attractive section of the cycle path is interesting for both amateur cyclists and families with children. Along the way there are several tourist farms and food providers, where you can indulge in the tastes of traditional Kočevje, Kostel and Bela Krajina dishes.

Route: Kočevje – Štalcerji – Kostel – Žaga – Dol – Predgrad – Brezovica – Mozelj – Kočevje

Published on: June 4, 2021  -  Filed under: Sightseeing EN - Osilnica