Hotel in sports centre Kovač

Hotel and Sports Centre Kovač is located in the village of Sela in the municipality of Osilnica. It is located in the upper part of the Kolpa Valley. It is also known as the land of Peter the Klepac.

The hotel was built in 2001 in the ethno style of Peter Klepec in the heart of unspoilt nature, surrounded by forests and the Kolpa River and three national parks.


The restaurant is located in the Kovač Hotel. It offers a varied selection of classic dishes and dishes typical of the area. In addition to the typical dishes, the menu also includes: deer salami, sausages, bacon, trout in marinade, corned beef with dried meat, shepherd’s pot, Furman-style ricotta, stuffed veal and many other local specialities. The restaurant seats 110 people.


The outdoor sports centre consists of an adventure park, 2 tennis courts, a team-building polygon, an archery range, a paintball range, a volleyball court, a basketball court and a mini-football court in the immediate vicinity.

All excursions and programmes are suitable for individuals, families, groups, schools, companies, as programmes are addapt to the age and ability of the group. They have their own equipment and guides with experience and licences.

The wellness centre includes a swimming pool, 20 metres long and 6.5 metres wide. The pool is also suitable for non-swimmers. From 0.85 m depth to 1.30 m depth. In the wellness centre you can also relax in 4 different saunas (Bio herbal sauna, Finnish sauna, Infrared sauna, Steam bath or Turkish sauna).



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Address: Sela 5, 1337 Osilnica, Slovenija


Phone number: +386 (0) 1 8941 508

Simon Kovač: +386 (0) 41 652 048

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