Bunker Skrilj

The Bunker Škrilj is located 80 m underground, near the village Škrilj and was built during the Cold War. Everyone who knew anything about it, had to remain strictly silent. Tours are guided and carried out by prior arrangement and at pre-arranged times. Transport is organized from the collection point to the bunker, which is the only allowed way to access the facility. Independent access to the Bunker Škrilj is not allowed. Access (ride) to the bunker is by blindfold, just as they used to do. Everything looks so much more mysterious that way.

500 m of corridors, six underground rooms with their own water catchment and two generators for the production of electricity, would make it possible to stay there in the case of an atomic shock. You could spend up to 100 days in there without outside help.

The building was built by the then President Tito during the threat of the “Cold War” between Yugoslavia and Russia. To this day it has remained almost in the same condition as it was when it was completed sixty years ago. So when we cross its threshold, we suddenly find ourselves almost in a time capsule. Underground corridors and rooms take us back to the fifties.

Movement there is limited, as it is still a military area, where a shooting range is located on one side not far away. An additional convincing reason for a person to go straight into the military, now museum, underground, is the fact that there is a bear’s lair a good two hundred meters above the entrance. Not long ago, a group of visitors from Primorska, came across a bear. It was from a safe distance, but it was close enough that it frightened them.

The entrance to the Kočevje undergrounds begins in a room full of lockers, where visitors put away their phones and other possible recording devices. The trail then continues down a long, cold hallway, they say it is about eight degrees in there. While in the living and working areas of the bunker the temperature is constant, 17 degrees.

All these years, however, the building has also been well maintained, as evidenced by its current condition. When the bunker was opened to the public, it did not need to be renovated due to its excellent condition. The equipment is also original; something was brought from Gotenica.

There is another fuse in front of the main bunker rooms. Namely, the sink and shower and the spacesuit on the hanger. In the case of the use of an atomic bomb or war poisons, detoxification was provided here before entering the further part of the bunker.

To visit, it is necessary to make an appointment at least two days in advance!


+386 59 959 204


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